About Wyethia

“Look, there’s Mount Diablo.”

I first started hiking when my step-kids were young, and we had an interest in identifying and collecting wild mushrooms. We were living in Santa Cruz, California, and chanterelles were everywhere under the oak trees. Previously, I’d been a die hard urbanite and I preferred that my feet never leave cement. But living with children necessitates getting out of the house at least once in a while, and as we hiked I began to notice miniature complex worlds of color and botanical structure in the flowers which began to bloom just as the mushrooms would fade. I began by drawing the flowers which- having little facility for drawing- was tedious  and limiting, so I turned to the camera.

Triteleia lilacina- volcanic triteleia
Triteleia lilacina- volcanic triteleia

Right now, I’m mostly using a point and shoot Canon G9 which is very buggy in the macro setting. I own an interchangeable lens Canon Rebel, but haven’t taken the time to figure it out or get a macro lens for it. For the past few years, I’ve been posting my best photos individually on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/30262649@N 07/ , but I see this blog as a chance to group the photos seasonally or thematically and include my knowledge and ideas about them. I welcome the opportunity to write and photograph on a regular basis and to learn and grow in the process.

I find the Latin names for the plants as beautiful as the plants themselves which stems from an early interest in language. When I’m not hiking or gardening, you will probably find me teaching high school English as a second language and Spanish in the North Bay Area of California.

Thysanocarpus radians; showy fringe pod, lace pod
Thysanocarpus radians; showy fringe pod, lace pod

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2 thoughts on “About Wyethia

  1. Dear Wyethia,

    I represent a UC Berkeley group conducting a study on how residents of Sonoma County feel about cattle grazing in county parks. I saw that you took a picture at one of the three parks involved in our study and would like to ask you to take our quick survey. Every participant will be entered to win a year membership to Sonoma County Regional parks. To access the survey, please follow or copy and paste the following link to your Internet browser’s address bar:


    ​​Thank you


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